Children have a need for meaningful activities directly related to everyday life. That is why so many “practical life” exercises are introduced in the Montessori classroom. These exercises help the child complete a sequence of activities, learn to concentrate, gain motor coordination, and develop confidence in his or her ability to function in the world.

In addition to gaining self-discipline, self-esteem, love for learning, and independence, the child in the Montessori classroom develops comprehensive skills in all academic areas. The child works with language including phonics, reading and writing. The Montessori materials for mathematics teach him or her how numbers function and include geometry, the decimal system, addition and subtraction. Other academic areas are science, geography, art and music.


At the turn of the century, Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome, College of Physicians and Surgeons, began her work with children as a physician. In later years she became an educator and anthropologist. Studying children in all conditions throughout the world, she discovered many universal principles underlying the development of the children.

Dr. Montessori discovered that children long for independence, and that their physical and mental development is dependent on movement. She recorded exceptional powers of concentration in even the smallest children.

A child’s desire to work represents a vital instinct.
Maria Montessori


Montessori Academy of Corona is dedicated to the philosophy and method of Montessori education.  We observe each child’s needs and then meet those needs by providing a variety of intellectual, social, physical, and cultural experiences necessary for the development of the child’s unique potential.  As children begin to develop, their love of life and joy for learning expand continuously. Read More

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