Infant Care

leftOur mission revolves around developing the social, emotional, and academic abilities of children in a nurturing and positive environment.

The goal of our infant care program is to continually respond to the infant’s need to be loved and accepted. We realize that during the first few critical years of their life, they need specialized and individual care and attention. Keeping this in mind, our learning environment focuses on a holistic educational and care approach that is structured to foster creativity and comfort.

Our school is led by a director with over thirty years of experience in early childhood education and someone who understands the importance of laying a solid foundation in a child’s early years.

Under the guidance of trained Montessori teachers, we provide a loving and caring environment where children can explore, interact, and develop their own creative and intellectual potential.

Parents as Partners
We partner with our parents to achieve our goal of providing the same individualized care that your child would receive at home. We use regular communication with parents to inform them about their child’s day at school, feeding, sleeping, and eating patterns, as well as other routines that are unique to each individual child. We believe that informed and regularly involved parents are the best way for us to create the perfect home away from home for the child.

collage-1The Curriculum
Age appropriate activities are provided for infants of all ages and stages. Even the youngest of infants can participate in gross motor activities and other learning processes. Our teachers take pride in cultivating the cognitive and physical skills of the infants. In addition to the development of gross motor and fine motor skills, the teachers provide language development through talking with the children, story time, and songs.

There’s music, movement, sensory experiences, and group activities for all so they can learn and grow at their own pace. Our teachers focus on praise and encouragement to provide a safe and happy place for your child.


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